Friday, August 29, 2008

The Next Vice President Will Be a Woman

After four days of negative messages to a depressed constituency the democrats were dealt the coup de grĂ¢ce from John McCain and the Republican party. Sarah Heath Louise Palin , the current Governor of the State of Alaska has been nominated by John McCain to be his running mate and will undoubtedly be the next Vice-President of the United States.

This is great choice for the Republican ticket. Sarah Palin is strong conservative woman that comes from a humble background. Palin has cut spending and challenged the political corruption business that has run rampant through our system of government since the failed policies of the "Great Society". I wish I had more time today to congratulate Governor Palin and thank John McCain for his common sense pick of a qualified and formidable running mate. Obama and his vinegar spewing running mate are outclassed and will be defeated. Good Luck and Godspeed to the two American patriots that will be our next President and Vice-President, John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Democrats in Disarray

With the democrat convention scheduled to start officially on Monday morning the democrats are in a state of total disarray. There are many disgruntled democrats that are very angry that Hillary Clinton was defeated by Barack Obama. They feel that the Obama campaign cheated and the news media were in the tank for him since the beginning. If you listen to people like former democrat Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro the only reason Barack Obama is even on the ticket is because he is black.

The groups that have formed over the last few months that are challenging the notion that Obama won the democrat party primaries are growing larger and stronger every day. The democrat women that feel disenfranchised started a group called P.U.M.A. meaning "Party Unity My Ass". Now all of the disenfranchised democrats have consolidated under an umbrella group called Just Say no Deal. I myself believe that they are right. The Obama campaign is funded by far left extremist George Soros and the leftist/socialist organization Move I believe they conspired with the willing accomplices in the press to bring Obama to the front because he is a male and he is black. Even the leftists for all their bluster about feminism still can't bring themselves to consider a woman for President. You go girls, John McCain welcomes you and your vote.

I think the democrats and Obama will try and put the best face on the convention. The democrats however cannot ignore the fact that going into the first day of the convention Obama is trailing John McCain in most polls that measure most likely voters and he trails in votes from women.

The Boys on Joe Biden

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Joe Vinegar Biden or The Gaffe Machine

This is a post I did in January 2007 originally titled "The Gift". I thought I'd repost it because it's still very relevent today. Go Joe, you got us laughing already

"Smiling" Joe Biden (d) Delaware

The political Gods have smiled down on the American people and have handed them a gift that will keep on giving. Today, Senator Joseph Biden the democrat party US Senator from Delaware has indicated to Americans that he will now honor us by becoming a candidate for President. The first words out of his mouth on the campaign trail are typical Joseph Biden. Joseph Biden indicated everyone else in the race was completely wrong about US policy in Iraq but gave no details on how he would do things differently. The democrat party Senator also added some typical condescending and racially charged comments about Senator Barack Obama with a remark that the Senator from Illinois running for President was the “first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy”. Just a few short months ago Senator Joseph Biden had to "clarify" to the press, remarks he had made about recent immigrants from India being owners of 7-11 stores.

Having Joseph Biden in the campaign will keep reporters plenty busy with his statements and “off the cuff” remarks. Joseph Biden has already stuck his foot into his mouth but this is only beginning because this is an ongoing affliction for him and it will prove to be endless entertainment for the rest of us. Mr. Biden treats all others that do not agree with him in his typical condescending way and will bring plenty of attention to himself and his intellectually devoid and dishonest political party during the upcoming Presidential campaign season. Run Joe run! The gift that keeps on giving.

Fame is a fickle food

Fame is a fickle food
Upon a shifting plate
Whose table once a
Guest but not
The second time is set.

Whose crumbs the crows inspect
And with ironic caw
Flap past it to the Farmer's Corn--
Men eat of it and die.

Emily Dickinson

Friday, August 15, 2008

Democrat Convention Speaker

The Unknown Senator

OK, now I've heard it all. During the upcoming Democrat party convention, Barack Obama has invited the "lights are on but nobody is home" junior Senator from Pennsylvania Bob Casey Jr. to speak. The big question from all of us here in Pennsylvania is; can he really speak? Ever since his campaign back in 2006 Bob Casey Jr. hasn't said much at all. He never told us what he stood for or what he was against. Casey never even told us why he wanted to be a Senator instead of State Treasurer, heck he never showed up or said anything about that job either. All the Democrat party knew was they didn't want Rick Santorum as the US Senator so the party pushed their candidate who seemed to be comatose up onto the stage and implored their party faithful "vote for this man" and they did. Casey also was the proud owner of a famous name from Pennsylvania so that helped a bit too.

I guess having Bob Casey Jr. is a good choice for Barack Obama. Casey fits in with the program. It seems that Barack Obama talks and talks and talks but never seems to say anything. Now, Barack Obama is going to have the US Senator from Pennsylvania that has had historically nothing to say at all to speak at the convention.

Back in 1992 Bob Casey Sr. wasn't invited to speak at the Democrat party convention because Bob Casey Sr. was a pro life advocate and then Governor of Pennsylvania that also happened to be a Democrat and Bob Casey Jr.'s father. Being pro life in the Democrat party was as politically incorrect as it could be back then and there was no chance of Bob Casey Sr. speaking at the convention in those days. The Democrat party was embarrassed to have Bob Casey Sr. as a Democrat so they stuck him and the Pennsylvania Democrat contingent back into the far reaches of the hall behind a post where no one could hear or see them.

Now Barack Obama needs Pennsylvania to win the election in November. Without Pennsylvania all hope is lost for the fledgling US Senator from Illinois. Barack Obama has calculated that if brings Bob Casey Jr. to speak at the convention the people will ignore or forget Obama’s comments and insults about the citizens of the state of Pennsylvania. I don't know how that's going to work out for Obama though; we're still waiting to hear from Bob Casey Jr. ourselves... about anything.

I guess they were pretty close when I heard someone say that the Obama campaign is similar to the Seinfeld show, you know, the show about nothing. Substance is a rare commodity over at the Barack Obama HQ.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saying Thank You

This afternoon a good friend sent me an email with a link to a website that I just had to share with all my friends and others that visit here. This website explains a small but important way to thank those that serve this great nation when you come across them in your travels. I understand the concept because many times I have seen a young Marine, Soldier or Sailor in stores or malls and I have no problem going up to them and just saying Thank you. Sometimes they feel a little embarrassed that so much attention is being paid to them unexpectedly. This simple gesture alleviates that by just letting them know you recognize them and are thanking them without the awkwardness that sometimes occurs. It's more like a civilian salute from the heart. I hope this catches on because our men and women need to know that we love them and support them and appreciate the great job they do for us. Thanks for sending this to me Wayne.

Here is the link to the website to answer any questions you may have.
The Gratitude Campaign

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Finally, the Smackdown begins

After all the Obama double talk McCain's campaign comes through with the hard hitting truth about Obama and his nonsense about Iraq.