Friday, August 15, 2008

Democrat Convention Speaker

The Unknown Senator

OK, now I've heard it all. During the upcoming Democrat party convention, Barack Obama has invited the "lights are on but nobody is home" junior Senator from Pennsylvania Bob Casey Jr. to speak. The big question from all of us here in Pennsylvania is; can he really speak? Ever since his campaign back in 2006 Bob Casey Jr. hasn't said much at all. He never told us what he stood for or what he was against. Casey never even told us why he wanted to be a Senator instead of State Treasurer, heck he never showed up or said anything about that job either. All the Democrat party knew was they didn't want Rick Santorum as the US Senator so the party pushed their candidate who seemed to be comatose up onto the stage and implored their party faithful "vote for this man" and they did. Casey also was the proud owner of a famous name from Pennsylvania so that helped a bit too.

I guess having Bob Casey Jr. is a good choice for Barack Obama. Casey fits in with the program. It seems that Barack Obama talks and talks and talks but never seems to say anything. Now, Barack Obama is going to have the US Senator from Pennsylvania that has had historically nothing to say at all to speak at the convention.

Back in 1992 Bob Casey Sr. wasn't invited to speak at the Democrat party convention because Bob Casey Sr. was a pro life advocate and then Governor of Pennsylvania that also happened to be a Democrat and Bob Casey Jr.'s father. Being pro life in the Democrat party was as politically incorrect as it could be back then and there was no chance of Bob Casey Sr. speaking at the convention in those days. The Democrat party was embarrassed to have Bob Casey Sr. as a Democrat so they stuck him and the Pennsylvania Democrat contingent back into the far reaches of the hall behind a post where no one could hear or see them.

Now Barack Obama needs Pennsylvania to win the election in November. Without Pennsylvania all hope is lost for the fledgling US Senator from Illinois. Barack Obama has calculated that if brings Bob Casey Jr. to speak at the convention the people will ignore or forget Obama’s comments and insults about the citizens of the state of Pennsylvania. I don't know how that's going to work out for Obama though; we're still waiting to hear from Bob Casey Jr. ourselves... about anything.

I guess they were pretty close when I heard someone say that the Obama campaign is similar to the Seinfeld show, you know, the show about nothing. Substance is a rare commodity over at the Barack Obama HQ.


SusieQ said...

I wonder what Casey, Jr.'s position is on abortion. Is he pro-choice or pro-life? Perhaps he is pro-life. I heard that the platform will throw a few crumbs to the pro-life Obama supporters. Of course this is being done to catch more of the pro-life vote.

Obama is supposed to come out with a book in September which gives the substance we have all been waiting to hear. I predicted he would do this once he had swept people off their feet first with his charismatic personality.

J_G said...

Hi ya Susie, Casey is supposed to be pro life but beings he never makes appearances in the state and never holds press conferences for any reason, Casey is as big a question mark as Obama is. Are these the new and improved democrats? I guess they can't be held to any of their own standards because they never tell anyone what those standards are.

Obama is good at the two step but the new book out on Obama pretty much sums up what he is all about. Obama can say all the words he wants but his actions determine what he really believes.

Gayle said...

Substance is not only rare over there, Jennifer, it's nonexistant!

So they will have two people who know how to talk nonstop without saying anything. LOL! Well, that's about par for the course, isn't it? Can Casey do that without a teleprompter? Without a teleprompter all Obama can do is stutter! :)

J_G said...

Gayle, We're not exactly sure how Casey speaks at all. It's a rare thing Casey says anything. At least he's not one to waste words but who knows what he believes. I don't think Obama, will ever reveal what he believes until after he's been elected. Hopefully that won't occur but you can be certain that the last thing Obama's handlers want is for Obama to say what he believes.

Yeah, the stuttering and uh, um uh thing is really annoying isn't it? Where did they get the idea that Obama is some kind of intellectual genius. He sounds like a complete moron without his lifeline, the teleprompter.

shoprat said...

So we get to vote for two unknowns if we go Democratic. Fits with their program quite well.

J_G said...

Shoprat, I don't think Obama is an unknown anymore. I watched the Rick Warren questions to the candidates and Obama has shown that he has no backbone is unable to stand for what he believes.

The Presidency is above Obama's moral level and paygrade.

Casey? I guess Pennsylvanians will be stuck with him for a number of years without him distinguishing himself.