Monday, August 25, 2008

Democrats in Disarray

With the democrat convention scheduled to start officially on Monday morning the democrats are in a state of total disarray. There are many disgruntled democrats that are very angry that Hillary Clinton was defeated by Barack Obama. They feel that the Obama campaign cheated and the news media were in the tank for him since the beginning. If you listen to people like former democrat Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro the only reason Barack Obama is even on the ticket is because he is black.

The groups that have formed over the last few months that are challenging the notion that Obama won the democrat party primaries are growing larger and stronger every day. The democrat women that feel disenfranchised started a group called P.U.M.A. meaning "Party Unity My Ass". Now all of the disenfranchised democrats have consolidated under an umbrella group called Just Say no Deal. I myself believe that they are right. The Obama campaign is funded by far left extremist George Soros and the leftist/socialist organization Move I believe they conspired with the willing accomplices in the press to bring Obama to the front because he is a male and he is black. Even the leftists for all their bluster about feminism still can't bring themselves to consider a woman for President. You go girls, John McCain welcomes you and your vote.

I think the democrats and Obama will try and put the best face on the convention. The democrats however cannot ignore the fact that going into the first day of the convention Obama is trailing John McCain in most polls that measure most likely voters and he trails in votes from women.


Gayle said...

Love the video, Z, and love the fact that so many of the Hillary supporters are pissed. I would be too if I were a Democrat. They've every right to be angry. What the DNC did is inexusable!

The Federalist said...

It's been a while J_G but I see you are still as unoriginal as ever. Fox News, Fox News, Rush, Fox you have at least one brain cell that operates without being driven by the Fascist News Channel? Apparently not.

McCain accepts women and is for womens rights???
LOL...McCain once called his wife a "C_NT"! He's all for women's rights!

And he filed for a marriage license before he divorced his first wife, on whom he cheated after she was not the bikini model she once was after a car accident...REAL family values!

McCain is a joke!

The fracture in the Democrat party is hairline and barely visible. But did you just cut and paste those talking points from Bill O' Wow...verbatim. Your left and right click on your mouse work're TOTALLY original!

When McSame picks Romney, I CANNOT wait to hear those evangelicals screaming...and you want to talk about "disenfranchised"? You ain't seen nothin' yet!

I think what's really funny is your old white guy who finished 855 out of 859 in his naval academy class is trailing a young black man with NO EXPERIENCE in nearly ALL polls. I would be terrified if I were you. If it weren't for your Fascist leader Bush, McCain could be up by 20 points.

J_G said...

Hate to disappoint you bean counter but McCain is leading among likely voters even as we speak. Given the minute amount of knowledge that you possess about anything significant you wouldn't know that the only poll that counts before elections are the most likely voters.

Now hurry on back to your daily kook and huffypo blog and get some more talking points. Those ones are pretty worn out.

Fascist, that's a new word, I never heard that before coming from the leftist/marxists types like yourself. Now go on, beat it Vladimir and go put a steak on that eye

J_G said...

Sorry Gayle, I thought I clean up the floor before I have a nice chat with you.

Yes, the democrats are in trouble with women. They decided they would go with the black man instead of the woman. Many now are having buyers remorse as you can see.

We'll stand by and help the women that have come to their senses if they need it. They are welcome to vote for McCain.

The Federalist said...

Republican women are used to having steak on their eyes...and that's really too bad. A bad goatee, ripped up flannel shirt and a couple of beers and we have another domestic dispute McCain-style.

Why would a woman gravitate to a party full of gay men? I guess it would be free of sexual harassment.

Mike's America said...

Where'd you find the moonbat Jennifer?

The loon can't find ONE GOOD THING to say about B. Hussein Obama so he spends his time here tearing up McCain.

Seems to me that's the problem the Dems have... many of them can't really bring themselves to support their candidate as much as they can tear down McCain.

And... Did you see this new ad featuring a Democrat Delegate supporting McCain?

EAT THAT Federalist. You're the REAL FASCIST!

The Federalist said...

I have yet to pull ONE concept off of either of those websites J_G...and that still tears at you. (Just let go and quit fighting it J_G, you, too, can have serenity)

You, on the other hand, have yet to post ONE SINGLE idea that has not been vomited repeatedly by uneducated, sexually frustrated Hannity or O'Reilly.

Your accusations fall so short J_G, you know that and anyone who visits my blog knows that. All of my material is original; unlike you and Marie who wallow in a dirty pond of poor grammar and recycled, empty talking points.

You wouldn't recognize American ideals if they were resting at the bottom of a bottle of Genesee Beer.

When you are finished holding that steak on your eye, would you mind grilling it for me? I like mine medium-rare, please.

The Federalist said...


Go back to Newsmax and play with the other children.

There are about 5,000 agent provocateur in Denver, some already exposed by both Clinton and Obama supporters. I'm sure Fascist News Channel will do their best to perpetuate another false story.

Who knows? Maybe Obama will be Muslim again. Or maybe there will be another wildfire possibly started by al-Qaeda. Or maybe they will pay someone off the street to say that someone called them an "uncle tom".

Anything to keep the focus OFF of McSame and his complete lack of substance, lack of ideas and out-of-touch perspective on middle America.

Mike, the Bush Regime has brought us closer to fascism than you would ever want to be. Because you are still addicted to the 9/11 heroin, you'll never see it. If you ever get off of it, your withdrawal will not be smooth.

But, WE don't shoot our wounded. You will have a seat on our bus as we don't believe that lack of education is necessarily a conscious choice.

Diligite iustitiam qui iudicatis terram.

J_G said...

Gosh Mike, this troll from Marie's is really pissed about his party's choice. Whah, whah, whah, it's too bad the democrats now stand no chance of getting a room at the White house. Beat it now, you've about worn out my patience for moonbattery.

The Federalist said...

I have as much support for Obama as you have for McCain.

Gayle said...

Hey Jennifer... the Democratic convention began last night and as far as I can see, they are still in disarray. I heard on the news this morning that since the convention started Obama has dropped three points in the Rasmussen poll. If any poll really means anything, I hope this one does. :)

J_G said...

Gayle, after a speech like the ones given last night and yesterday by Nancy Pelosi and Michele Obama, the democrats are in real trouble. The convention participants were put to sleep with all the exciting and relevant speakers.

Wait until tonight when the Clinton gives her speech, the convention will go careening into two extremely divided camps after that and there is nothing that's going to stop that.

No teleprompter is going to rescue Obama on Thursday night.

J_G said...

Mike, I think the troll is a frustrated guy that has or is dominated by a woman. So he comes to Marie's and my blog to try and vent his frustration with women and one in particular. That's why he insults both me and Marie calling us hicks and idiots. Seek help faux guy you're read like a book.

The Federalist said...


When did I use the term "hick" or "idiot"?

As we say in my part of the world, "If you spot it, you got it."

I have no problem with's your backwards, perverted representation of American ideals. You wave a flag and blast country music as if that's all it takes to be "Amircan".

But maybe you're the dictator once belted out, "If you don't stand for anything, you don't stand for anything."

"America...where wings take dreams."

shoprat said...

Reminds me of the 72 campaign when Scoop Jackson led the Democrats for Nixon. Nixon was disliked but McGovern was hated.

J_G said...

Shop, there are democrats that are finally coming to their senses on the Obama thing. They know he can never win, it's just not in the cards. He's just another windbag full of himself and pumped up by extremists on the left. Now they have the number one and three top liberals running. Yeah, they stand a chance of winning, slim to none. ah ha.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...
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DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

To me this looked like a Hillary Convention. The Convention Center was full of Hillary T-shirts, hats, buttons and, Hillary flags and banners. You would think that Hillary was running and not OBambi
Oh yes she did say That was
I would think that Michelle ma bella wasn't to happay about that!