Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Obama's Zinger - He Knew it Was Wrong

Last Wednesday Governor Sarah Palin addressed the Republican National Convention and the nation as John McCain's pick for the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. As Governor Sarah Palin was delivering her address she experienced some troubles with her teleprompter. Sarah Palin is quick on her feet so she threw in a completely ad libbed line while technicians scrambled to correct the problem. Governor Palin asks the crowd and TV viewers if they knew the difference between a pit bull and a hockey Mom. The punch line was "it's the lipstick". That was pretty funny and everyone enjoyed the ad libbed line and Sarah Palin got on with her address.

Fast forward to about a week later. Obama is on the campaign trail his poll numbers are plummeting. His Vice Presidential candidate is sweeping through the Midwest to small party faithful crowds that can barely stay awake for a Joe Biden speech. The die hard democrats come out and listen politely applaud and go home unsatisfied with this obvious blowhard.

Obama while at a gathering in Virginia, a hotly contested race, is feeling the heat from the popularity of John McCain's newly picked running mate Sarah Palin. So at a strategy meeting sometime during the weekend they come up with idea that now is the good time to go on the negative attack. I'm sure they surmised they can't make it look like an obvious attack so they come up with some "zingers" to throw into his presentations to make it look like he too can use some one liners for some pizazz. Well, I have to tell you that lipstick metaphor was a bad one. Obama shouldn't even be running against Sarah Palin at this point to begin with. That's what he picked vinegar Joe Biden for.

Here's what went wrong and how we know that Obama knew it was wrong too.

I watched the Obama You Tube where he is accused of smearing the Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin with the old metaphor about "Lipstick on a pig". I have no doubt in my mind that this was intentional and Obama knew it was the wrong thing to do but he did it anyway. When you watch the clip, notice Obama's body language and speech pattern. He's a bit uptight, he's pacing back and forth, he stutters a bit and then right as he is delivering his punch line watch what he does with his left hand. Obama covers his eyes and face with his left hand while he is delivering his one line zinger. Ouch!!!! That really made him look bad and he knows it and his body language clearly tells the story.

The metaphor about the lipstick on a pig is an old one, I've seen it used many times by the likes of Dick Cheney and a few other pretty aggressive campaigners. Obama obviously knew that this use of the metaphor was directly insulting Sarah Palin and the use of the word pig is about as complimentary as using the word "ho". This is why women are moving over to the McCain-Palin camp. Obama needs to apologize and get on with his campaign of "Hope and Change" but it seems there is actually none.


Marie's Two Cents said...

It was completely uncalled for Obama knew exactly what he was doing when he said that.

I mean one week later after Palin's one liner with the lipstick thing like you were saying and he just happens to use a lipstick line?

I have heard that saying before myself but he knew when the crowd started roaring what the hell was going on and he gave them what they wanted.

He knew exactly what was going on.

I am getting sick to death of all these attacks on Sarah Palin and I'm not holding back anymore.

J_G said...

It's too be expected Marie. You have to remember these people are now in a state of desperation and things are going to be coming out of their mouths that make them look even smaller. The best thing we can do is let them self destruct and report all the goings on as they happen accurately.

saint germain en laye said...

I think to choose Sarah Palin is a good thing for McCain, now the battle with Obama really start !

J_G said...

Oui, vive la Sarah Palin. Merci beaucoup.

That's the best I can do but Sarah Palin will go on to be the first woman Vice President of the United States

Mike's America said...

Reports are that the crowd starting chanting something about pit bulls right after Obama's remarks which underscores that they knew what Obama was doing and joined in.

J_G said...

Just as Obama has has no answers but "change and hope" you trolls deserve no answers.

Gayle said...

Yep. It's for certain he knew it, Jennifer. He also used the line about wrapping old fish in newspaper, but it still stunk (or something close to that) which was a direct slur at McCain. I wonder why no one in the media seems to have picked that up?