Thursday, September 04, 2008

Out of the Ballpark!

Sarah Palin,the Governor of Alaska, devoted Hockey Mom, former Mayor and City councilperson tonight gave one of the best speeches I've heard in many years. Sarah Palin had me standing up and clapping for her heartfelt and to the point words she gave to us tonight from the Republican National Convention. Sarah came out and introduced her family as any proud Mom would do and you could see the love in eyes and hear it in her voice for all of her children, her husband and her Mom and Dad.

Then Sarah got down to business. Governor Palin gave a speech that showed why she is Governor of our largest state that supplies the rest of the United States with 20 percent of our oil. Sarah Palin is tough and witty and knows how to see the situation for what it is. During her speech she described her qualifications as compared to the top of the ticket on the democrat side. Obama pales in comparison to this woman. Barack Obama's ideas are vapid, self serving and spell doom for our economy if elected. I noticed at the end of Governor Palin's speech were the words"God Bless America". Seems to me I've never heard that when Obama has ended his teleprompter inspired speeches. As far as Vinegar Joe Biden goes, his speeches are someone else's words anyway but we're patiently waiting for the next embarrassment from that gaffe bag.

All in all, Governor Palin gave a speech and introduction of herself and her family to a nation that is looking for leadership, common sense and a sense of duty to country from the next President. Sarah Palin is up to the job as vice President and if the sour looks and petty criticism over at the "in the tank for Obama" media of CNN, MSNBC, NBC etc... is any indication, they also believe that too and are extremely unhappy.


Gayle said...

Yes, the libs and the liberal media are indeed extremely unhappy, Jennifer. LOL! Well, they should be. They have been cheating, slandering, and otherwise acting like disgusting brats ever since this election season began. They've been swooning over a man because he has a great voice and can read a teleprompter but has no substance and can't tell us what he's accomplished because being a community organizer is not meeting the qualifications to become president of the US! He can't really tell us what he stands for because he wouldn't last a second if he did. LOL!

Sarah Palin told us not only what she has accomplished but what she will accomplish. She is one of us and has proven it. I am absolutely thrilled to have her as the vp pick! God bless her, and I can't wait for the debate between her and Biden. :)

By the way, I know some very hard right conservatives who are now saying they will vote for McCain/Palin. She is uniting out party like nothing else would have!

J_G said...

Yup Sarah did really well last night and for the first time in this campaign I'm really proud of my party.

Rudy Giuliani did a darn good job of warming up the crowd too. I was proud of Rudy too.

Don't underestimate vinegar Joe though when it comes to the debate. He's been teaching debating and smearing your opponent at Widener Delaware for many years now. I know Biden and his tactics all too well and he's an accomplished liar, denier, and con artist.

I don't think people are aware what a despicable guy Biden really is yet. Vinegar Joe will go after Sarah Palin in his typical arrogant and condescending manner and belittle everything she has ever done and everything that her State has ever done. That's the consistency of Biden, he's an attack dog and predictable with it. That gives Sarah something to work with. There is no one that is as full of himself as Joe Biden, except maybe Obama.

One of my favorite lines from the convention so far came from Mike Huckabee though. Huckabee said that Sarah Palin got more votes while running for Mayor of Wasilla than Biden did running for President. BADDA BING!!!

TrekMedic251 said...

Think of it this way: would you do to a bunch of grizzly bears cubs what you did to Palin's family and NOT expect the same reaction?(Keeping it in an Alaskan vein)

Grizzly Mama said...

She has it all, Jennifer. Biden is a creep, but I have to say that Palin is the type not to back down from his crap. I don't know of many Republican politicians who have the stomach for a good fight.

I read one lefty criticizing her HAIR DO. lol!

J_G said...

I just talked to my liberal friends on the phone. I'm going to dinner with them tomorrow evening. They were throughly impressed with Governor Palin. They were not looking forward to voting for Obama because of his inexperience and condescension. None of them can stand gaffe bag Biden either. I think they may actually vote for McCain-Palin now. We'll see, we'll see.

Bob said...

Truth be Told!