Monday, November 24, 2008

How Obama Got Elected

There are two reasons why Obama got elected.

#1: the Republicans nominated a candidate that it's base would not support.

#2: The press which used to be thought of as the "Fourth Estate" assigned to be the watchdogs of our democracy did nothing less than practice "advocacy journalism" by supporting one candidate over another. The job that the media did getting Obama elected can be considered to be their complete relinquishing of their duty to be the watchdogs and from here on in can be considered nothing more than a special interest PAC for the democrat party.

The people that voted for Obama were sold a bill goods that is nothing like the product they will soon receive. I don't blame so much the people for their ignorance. They are a product of our failed education system and a media intent on steering this country to their way of thinking rather than reporting on which way the country is heading. Ignorance is our most costly commodity.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No More

Gulf Stream_Winslow Homer

Well friends, looks like four years of tumult and confusion for the country. Obama and his thugs won the election and the only ones that can be blamed is the "Mainstreet Republican" wishy washies. They took control and put their "it's my turn to run" candidate up to run against the billionaire leftist George Soros funded Barack Obama. McCain took Federal matching funds and limited himself to one tenth of the money Obama had to spend. In boxing they call that taking a dive.

OK, the next thing that must be done is identify and promote the next up and coming conservatives that we need to take back control of the party and country. The people will soon tire of their new selection of "change" and we must provide the sensible alternative to the mess that will soon be the failed Obama administration. No more McCains, Spectors. Snowes, or Collins. They have worn out their welcome and if it's time for them seek greener pastures, there's no time like the present. It's time for the grownup conservatives to take back our party and put things right. It must start today. We have just two years to identify the conservatives that we need out front. That's a short time. We must reorganize and change the priorites from the failed reaching across the isle ideas of the McCain debacle. You had to have noticed that I did not post one single McCain ad because I couldn't support him until he nominated the real conservative, Sarah Palin.

Batten down the hatches folks, Vladimir Obama and the Reds have landed and their aim is directly at you and your family. A year from now the same people that wanted change, Obama change, will be whining "we're does he think we'll get all this money to pay those taxes?" or "theres no way I'm turning in Grandpa's old war pistol or my rifle".