Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hope In Philadelphia

Portrait of Free Quaker Timothy Matlack by Rembrandt Peale

The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News which are both owned by Philadelphia Media Holding LLC have not paid their debts since last June and are now headed for extinction as they should. They have lost readers and advertisers because they still insist on being a leading Northeast leftist publication. There was a glimmer of hope after the recent buyout when owner Brian Tierney said he would change the way the paper does business. Well Brian Tierney has proved to be just another one of those northeast moderate Republicans that insist on trying to be just like democrats. Nothing changed at the Inquirer or the Philadelphia Daily News, they still keep on reporting only one side of the story and were completely in the tank for the democrats and Obama in the last election.

Mr Tierney even went to Harrisburg with hat in hand to see the former Mayor of Philadelphia Ed Rendell (d) who is now Governor for bailout money to keep his leftist publications from going under. How would that work? The government would now control the very entity the founding fathers specifically mentioned to be the watchdogs of the government. Good idea Mr Tierney. After a Wall Street Journal editorial exposed this fiasco in progress this dirty deal has come to a screeching halt publicly. Mr Tierney insists he isn't asking for bailout money but you can call it whatever you want it's still letting government in where it has no business being, in the newspaper business.

Governor Rendell had a special deal with the former owners of the Inquirer. They were not given any trouble by then Mayor, Ed Rendell when the Inquirer and Daily News moved all of their printing to outside of the city to Conshohocken and in return they printed no negative stories about Mayor Cheesesteak. The paper avoided paying city wage taxes this way and excoriated every other business trying to do the same thing. They sold the paper and it's holdings to Mr Tierney's group back in 2006, they have had huge losses ever since and still owe millions of dollars on the balance and late payments. You should have changed things when you had the chance Mr Tierney. Maintaining a leftist publication has made you go broke. Maybe you can go see ACORN for a loan.

On the other hand The Philadelphia Bulletin is gaining readers, revenue and respect due it's return to basic old time honest journalism by reporting the whole story and using the balanced approach to journalism. That's something we haven't seen in many years in this country especially in the print news media and in the Northeast of all places. I will be quoting from stories from the Philadelphia Bulletin from time to time so I just wanted everyone to know that the Bulletin has become a source of real truth, real journalism as our founding fathers wanted them to be.

The Philadelphia Bulletin


Mike's America said...

These old media dinosaurs are dying but it's taking a LOOOONNNGGG time.

Too many folks have been subscribing to these papers just because that's what they have always done.

But as that older segment of society moves on in one way or another, the old press has lost it's best customers.

SusieQ said...

I watched a talk tonight given by David Brooks, conservative writer for the NYT. He said that before long, just as Mike points out, the smaller city newspapers will disappear and probably only four major ones in the U.S. will remain operating, the NYT being one of them. He said that we are not wanting for readers these days, but that the age group thirty and under are reading the newspapers online. Unfortunately, the newspapers do not know how to make enough money from an online readership to pay their bills and stay in business.

I have heard it said that if the major newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune become extinct the quality of journalism will suffer. Plus these city newspapers keep people informed about their local news.

I have no suggestions for how these newspapers can stay afloat.

J_G said...

Mike and Susie, I'm hoping the Bulletin can expand on it's recent successes in the Philadelphia area market. The train coach cleaners are telling me they see more Bulletins on the train now than any other paper. Of course the people that ride the trains out to the suburbs are going to appreciate the reporting much more than the city liberals. I'm looking at things from a view of pushing the city back to within it's borders and expanding into the city to the with more conservatives. This stimulus pork package will go a long way in recruiting conservatives once it's completely exposed for the boondoggle it is. The Bulletin will help inform just what is going on.

TheBitterAmerican said...

You know, media isn't dying from advances in our society, its dying because it stopped being neutral, stopped reporting what it saw, and took sides. Most people aren't socialists but that's now the MSM's target audience.