Thursday, February 19, 2009

Specter's 30 pieces of Silver


Today I read about what Arlen Specter got for his vote for the stimulus pork package. First Senator Specter was invited to a big shebang party where lots of people paid lots of attention to him and made him the life of the party because he was willing to jump ship and vote with irresponsible democrats for the stimulus pork package. The bigger and more damning reason for his vote was nothing more than him collecting his 30 pieces of silver for an earmark or pork barrel project he's been trying to keep on life support since the democrats took over Congress and took his chairmanship away from him. Obama promised to fund Specter's NIH or National Institute for Health with $10 billion dollars in exchange for his vote on the pork package. Last year Specter tried to introduce legislation to get $5.2 million dollars for this wasteful and redundant agency. That's quite the difference eh? I guess $10 billion is the new 30 pieces of silver adjusted for inflation.

In Pennsylvania Specter has always been known for voting against his constituent's wishes. In 1993 his phone lines nearly melted down in all his offices throughout the State and his Washington DC office mailroom was so jammed filled with mail they couldn't handle it all and the message clearly was to vote against the Bill Clinton "Assault Weapon" ban. Specter of course did the wrong thing again and voted for that moronic feel good legislation. Then during the William Jefferson Clinton impeachment hearings in the Senate he embarrassed the State again with his vote against impeachment. It wasn't so much his vote against the impeachment that was the embarrassment, it was his reasoning. Specter in his argument against impeachment said and I quote "My position in the matter is that the case has not been proved. I have gone back to Scottish law where there are three verdicts: guilty, not guilty, and not proved." . There is no provision in the Constitution to quote Scottish law Mr. Specter. The choice was yay or nay.

Well, those things are behind us now. Arlen Specter is a a fraud of the worst kind. President Bush tried to reach out to Specter and got behind him to get him the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairmanship back in 2004 but Specter did what he always does; the wrong thing. Specter went to the wall to make it more difficult for the President to do his job protecting the nation from terrorists. Specter opposed the wiretaps that the administration was doing because Specter had no understanding of the electronics issues of this new age of communication with cell phones, wireless and satellite networks that the terrorists took great advantage of fighting our troops in Iraq and supplying themselves with funds to commit more acts of terrorism.

I'll be joining my good friend Skye over the next months at the PACC - Pennsylvania Conservative Committee to help create and establish a more conservative Republican party here in Pennsylvania. The mission there is to defeat the elitist moderates that have driven the party to defeat after defeat over the last few years giving us a democrat controlled Congress and worst yet the Obamanation. The wild spending has to stop. The moral decay and strong current toward socialism has to be reversed. It has to be done at the ballot box with an educated public. After the last half of a century of democrats working day and night to dumb down the population and teaching them that only the government can solve their problems I suppose we'll be fighting an uphill battle. With any luck we'll be able to defeat Specter and his moderate wishy-washy ideas with a real conservative that will stand strong for the conservative values people long for here in Pennsylvania. There is no magic bullet though and it will take a lot of hard work.


Tom said...

It's depressing that even though he constantly votes against his constituents wishes, he still gets re-elected. What is wrong there?

J_G said...

Specter has a core constituancy in Philadelphia liberals and the moderates in the suburbs around it. The moderates come out to vote for him because he slathers them with pork.I've been working to get rid of this wart for many years but the PA Republican party has to be shook out of it's moderates too.

Mike's America said...

There have been more rumblings from Pat Toomey that he will run again.

This time around, Bush won't be there to protect Specter.

I hope you guys send him packing.

Gayle said...

That's a long break you're taking, Jennifer. Miss you! Please give me a heads up when you decide to post again.

SusieQ said...

Happy Easter, Jenni...wherever you are.

Mike's America said...

Happy Easter on the anniversary of a date linked to another 30 pieces of silver.