Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Biden Flub

I don't know why I would consider it news that Joe Biden just can't seem to get on board with the Obama team. Biden has this uncanny ability to always say exactly what he thinks and turns them into public relations nightmares. As I said at the beginning of this "Mistake of 08" administration, at least we'll have some entertainment from Joe Biden if nothing else. Biden is the gift that keeps giving and giving. Enjoy!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day, Remember them


"Corporal Green!" the Orderly cried;
"Here!" was the answer loud and clear,
From the lips of a soldier who stood near,--
And "Here!" was the word the next replied.

"Cyrus Drew!"--then a silence fell;
This time no answer followed the call;
Only his rear-man had seen him fall;
Killed or wounded--he could not tell.

There they stood in the failing light,
These men of battle, with grave, dark looks,
As plain to be read as open books,
While slowly gathered the shades of night.

The fern on the hillsides was splashed with blood,
And down in the corn, where the poppies grew,
Were redder stains than the poppies knew,
And crimson-dyed was the river's flood.

For the foe had crossed from the other side,
That day, in the face of a murderous fire
That swept them down in its terrible ire;
And their life-blood went to color the tide.

"Herbert Cline!"--At the call there came
Two stalwart soldiers into the line,
Bearing between them this Herbert Cline,
Wounded and bleeding, to answer his name.

"Ezra Kerr!"--and a voice answered "Here!"
"Hiram Kerr!"--but no man replied.
They were brothers, these two; the sad wind sighed,
And a shudder crept through the cornfield near.

"Ephraim Deane!"--then a soldier spoke;
"Deane carried our regiment's colors," he said,
"When our ensign was shot; I left him dead,
Just after the enemy wavered and broke."

"Close to the roadside his body lies;
I paused a moment and gave him to drink;
He murmured his mother's name, I think,
And Death came with it and closed his eyes."

'Twas a victory, yes; but it cost us dear:
For that company's roll, when called at night,
Of a hundred men who went into the fight,
Numbered but twenty that answered "Here!"

Nathaniel Graham Shepherd

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bravo Dick Cheney

I had the opportunity to watch and listen to the speech and the dressing down of the Obama administration by Dick Cheney. It was quite apparent to those that possess the ability to think for themselves that the speech given by Dick Cheney came from his extensive experience. Cheney pointed out that our country is now being run by people that do not have the security of this nation in control nor do they possess the ability to do so. Obama has gone around the world to apologize for the US protecting itself and her allies from attacks from terrorists that seek to destroy us. Dick Cheney makes no apologies nor should he for keeping our enemies on the defensive thereby denying them the opportunity to attack us again. Cheney pointed out that the three terrorists that were interrogated with enhanced procedures gave up the essential information that was needed to protect this country from another attack. That is a fact that will be borne out as soon as the Obama administration decides to let the American public know the whole truth and not just bits and pieces like their lapdogs in the press are so famous for.

All in all it was a good day for America because a truly great American, Dick Cheney was able to expose the current administration as the "Emperor with no Clothes" and to show we must get on with the business of securing the nation once again against those that would destroy us.

America and our way of life is still in danger, the enemies of freedom are still barking at the door and they must be defeated. I call on all freedom loving Americans to come together as our forefathers did to rid ourselves of tyranny and those that would enslave us and rule us instead of representing us. The founders did not always agree on the methods to be employed but they always agreed on the concept of freedom.That is something that is sorely lacking in today's Congress and Executive branches.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Samuel Adams_John Singleton Copley

Yes folks that's right "Obamanomics". That is what I call the deliberately poor decision making coming from the Obama administration. The Obama administration has presided over a faltering US Economy since it's coronation back in January. Obama was left with a recession just as George W. Bush was left one by Bill Clinton. This recession would have been just severe had it been allowed to run it's course had there not been so much Obamanomic inference. The deliberate interference in the business cycle that the Obama administration has willfully perpetrated has taken a recession and turned it into a disaster. The government under the guise of helping the economy has hampered the recovery process by it's taking measures to prevent the markets of cleaning house all on it's own. Taking over the helms of the major banks and cutting pay for top executives may look good to the envy class that put Obama into office but it does nothing to help the recovery from a recession.

The government under the direction of Obama has overstepped it's constitutional authority by interfering with business instead of being the referee upholding the laws the govern business. How is it that the government now owns stock and controlling interest in the major banks and the automobile companies? Obama fired the CEO of GM even before the ink was dry on the deal to purchase GM's stock and become the defacto board of directors. The Obama auto task force has targeted over 700 Chrysler dealers for extinction under corrupted bankruptcy rulings demanded by the Obamanomics team. Each one of those dealers have many hard working people that will lose their jobs along with suppliers and other business that support each one of those dealers with parts, uniforms for mechanics, cleaning services for buildings and other related services that the community depends on for jobs. With one swipe of a pen Obamanomics has wiped out thousands upon thousands of decent paying jobs.

Then to ad insult to injury Chrysler had it's advertising budget slashed by the Obamanomics task force in order to appear as though it is saving money when that is last thing that should have been cut. Chrysler needed to reassure it's customers that if they bought a car or truck they wouldn't be left hanging out to dry and there would be support for their new vehicles. A coworker that was planning on buying a Chrysler minivan to use for his side business decided not to buy the Chrysler because of the uncertainty that the Obamnomics team has let flourish. This is why it is never wise to let government bureaucrats have anything to do with running any kind of business at all.

The government's duty was to enforce the laws that were made to make businesses deal fairly with customers, keep their books straight and pay the taxes that are levied and provide a stable environment for those businesses to do business. The government has gone completely outside the framework that the founders have laid down to prevent such things from happening. Our government is completely out of control and no longer responds to the will of the people and the Constitution that was written to keep the beast of tyranny at bay.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Heartless, Bigoted Republicans cutoff Education funding

In recent weeks we have be informed that the Washington DC school system will have to shut down the highly successful Voucher program. Republicans have voted to end this Voucher program because it has helped minority children get ahead with a better education. Of course Republicans want to have nothing to do with that because they are bigoted and don't believe minority children deserve a chance. Shame on the Republicans for cutting off the voucher program.Now the children that were doing so well will be put back into a failing public school system run by political appointees, political hacks and a greedy ineffcient teachers Union.
This story brought to you by your Local and National leftist press

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Under Attack

Storm with a Shipwreck_Claude Vernet

Americans are under attack again from another foreign borne force. A new strain of swine flu has come across our borders from Mexico to infect us and kill many of us. So far there has been only one death in the United States but it was a Mexican child that was brought across the border into Texas that already had the virus. Let's face it folks Mexico is a toilet and it's a no wonder people are dying there from this flu strain. The hygiene and cleanliness in Mexican cities is virtually unheard of. Mexico City is one of the most crowded cities in the world and much of it can be described as squalid. My question is now what do we do? Our country is in a in a state of free fall from common sense. We have people in our own government holding the opinion that we should have open borders and it's probably going to happen given the outlook of our lame brain President.

At this point we aren't sure how this flu is going to spread and how many people it will affect while running it's course. One thing is for certain though, there will be a lot of liberal hand wringing down in Washington DC on whether to do the right thing or whether they will do the politically correct thing. The common sense thing to do is to shut down the borders tightly with Mexico and keep it closed until they clean up the sewer they call a country. Hey, just because you're poor doesn't mean you have live in squalor. The Mexicans have had all the opportunity to take their country into the 21st century. They however still insist on living in a third world country in spite of all the opportunities they are afforded with free trade with the United States and the natural resources they have. The thing that angers me the most is the Mexicans come flooding across our borders looking to better themselves but then they try to turn this country into the same toilet they just came from and wonder why we get so pissed off about it. If nobody else will say it I will; stay the hell in your own country and keep your squalor to yourselves.