Friday, May 22, 2009

Bravo Dick Cheney

I had the opportunity to watch and listen to the speech and the dressing down of the Obama administration by Dick Cheney. It was quite apparent to those that possess the ability to think for themselves that the speech given by Dick Cheney came from his extensive experience. Cheney pointed out that our country is now being run by people that do not have the security of this nation in control nor do they possess the ability to do so. Obama has gone around the world to apologize for the US protecting itself and her allies from attacks from terrorists that seek to destroy us. Dick Cheney makes no apologies nor should he for keeping our enemies on the defensive thereby denying them the opportunity to attack us again. Cheney pointed out that the three terrorists that were interrogated with enhanced procedures gave up the essential information that was needed to protect this country from another attack. That is a fact that will be borne out as soon as the Obama administration decides to let the American public know the whole truth and not just bits and pieces like their lapdogs in the press are so famous for.

All in all it was a good day for America because a truly great American, Dick Cheney was able to expose the current administration as the "Emperor with no Clothes" and to show we must get on with the business of securing the nation once again against those that would destroy us.

America and our way of life is still in danger, the enemies of freedom are still barking at the door and they must be defeated. I call on all freedom loving Americans to come together as our forefathers did to rid ourselves of tyranny and those that would enslave us and rule us instead of representing us. The founders did not always agree on the methods to be employed but they always agreed on the concept of freedom.That is something that is sorely lacking in today's Congress and Executive branches.


KrisEveland said...

Unleashed Dick Cheney is the best.

SusieQ said...

Unleashed Cheney is the best for sure! A great alternative is his daughter, Liz. She did a great job in an interview I believe it took place today or yesterday. Definitely we need to hear more from people like Cheney and his daughter.

J_G said...

Liz Cheney is a firebrand alright. We need more like her and less like McCain's daughter. Liz Cheney makes the leftist group politics people cringe.

Gayle said...

Yep, Dick Cheney and his daughter are great patriots. God bless them both! I watched Liz being interviewed on a couple of television programs. Boy, does she ever know how to talk a liberal nutjob down! :)