Thursday, May 07, 2009

Heartless, Bigoted Republicans cutoff Education funding

In recent weeks we have be informed that the Washington DC school system will have to shut down the highly successful Voucher program. Republicans have voted to end this Voucher program because it has helped minority children get ahead with a better education. Of course Republicans want to have nothing to do with that because they are bigoted and don't believe minority children deserve a chance. Shame on the Republicans for cutting off the voucher program.Now the children that were doing so well will be put back into a failing public school system run by political appointees, political hacks and a greedy ineffcient teachers Union.
This story brought to you by your Local and National leftist press


SusieQ said...

This is very disturbing. Why, indeed. Tell you what, rather than shut down the voucher program in D.C. they needed to expand it. Are the Obama people catering to the teachers' union?

J_G said...

It's pretty obvious Susie that Obama and the democrats want to make sure they fully develop another generation of Obama voters. The next generation will be a continuance of the plan to deny an education and substitute it with an indoctrination instead.

The permanent victim class will be moved to vote for democrats and Obama like leaders again and again because they will be taught that they cannot possibly fend for themselves and have to rely on the all knowing and encompassing government.

The press and Obama have already fooled a generation that they can't fend for themselves and cannot recover from an economic downturn without him or the government.Obama says it over and over again at every opportunity and it's soaked up like water to a dry sponge. It is easy for Obama like leaders to manipulate people that have been taught they are victims and the government is the answer to all of their problems.

We already know the press and Obama use emotion rather than thoughtfulness to move the uneducated and those that are taught to be the permanent victim class, they are easy targets for the Obama syndicate. This is their plan and it is so obvious. How can anyone say any different and be considered credible?

From what I understand about the book of Revelation Obama is most likely not the anti Christ because the rapture hasn't occurred yet along with other signs but he is setting up the scenario for a one world government. Maybe later if he heads a one world government he could be the "one" alright but for now it appears he is just another enabler for the things to come.

I'm just a God fearing kook and what do I know anyway?

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

The next generation will be a continuance of the plan to deny an education and substitute it with an indoctrination instead. I think liberal indoctrination in the school system has done us enormous harm; and we see the product of it all around us.

J_G said...

Sadly Word, there will be another lost generation if something isn't done to correct the problem. Basic civics and the teaching of the responsibilities to maintain freedom has nothing to do with what is being taught in schools today.

Gayle said...

On this issue alone Obama proves himself to be dangerous, but there's so much he's doing that is harmful to America that it's almost unbelievable!

J_G said...

Yeah Gayle, it's hard to write about the destruction of your freedom and the country you've loved all your life.

Mike's America said...

Somehow when Dems do this kind of thing it's not news.

If the GOP had done it, it would be front page everywhere.