Saturday, May 02, 2009

Under Attack

Storm with a Shipwreck_Claude Vernet

Americans are under attack again from another foreign borne force. A new strain of swine flu has come across our borders from Mexico to infect us and kill many of us. So far there has been only one death in the United States but it was a Mexican child that was brought across the border into Texas that already had the virus. Let's face it folks Mexico is a toilet and it's a no wonder people are dying there from this flu strain. The hygiene and cleanliness in Mexican cities is virtually unheard of. Mexico City is one of the most crowded cities in the world and much of it can be described as squalid. My question is now what do we do? Our country is in a in a state of free fall from common sense. We have people in our own government holding the opinion that we should have open borders and it's probably going to happen given the outlook of our lame brain President.

At this point we aren't sure how this flu is going to spread and how many people it will affect while running it's course. One thing is for certain though, there will be a lot of liberal hand wringing down in Washington DC on whether to do the right thing or whether they will do the politically correct thing. The common sense thing to do is to shut down the borders tightly with Mexico and keep it closed until they clean up the sewer they call a country. Hey, just because you're poor doesn't mean you have live in squalor. The Mexicans have had all the opportunity to take their country into the 21st century. They however still insist on living in a third world country in spite of all the opportunities they are afforded with free trade with the United States and the natural resources they have. The thing that angers me the most is the Mexicans come flooding across our borders looking to better themselves but then they try to turn this country into the same toilet they just came from and wonder why we get so pissed off about it. If nobody else will say it I will; stay the hell in your own country and keep your squalor to yourselves.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

I think the whole swine flu pandemic may be overblown. How many flu strains each year kill, but don't get the media and government coverage?

Nevertheless....close the borders...enforce immigration laws.

The whole May Day thing churns my stomach.

Tom said...

Don't worry - Obama will don his cape and fly to the rescue...

J_G said...

Word, I'm not as concerned about this swine flu as I am more serious disease that become a pandemic. Mexico just can't seem to keep it's own house clean and then they spread it to the rest of the world.

You live in California you know this is true. On one side you have San Diego and modern city with all the latest technology to have clean water, sewage, and health care. You just hop right across the border and your standing in the middle of a toilet. You can catch Tuberculosis, hepatitis, cholera, and Motezuma's revenge if you're stupid enough to drink the water.

I can't say that I blame people for wanting to get the hell out of there but then they come here and do the same stuff here bringing with them their drug dealers, corruption and disease. We have enough of our own corruption here just look at the present administration.

Tom, Obama is so enamored with himself he can barely pull himself away from the mirror how is he going to notice millions of illegals if even cared too.

patronus incognitus said...

Hi, J.G.
This is Tom from Patterns of Ink but I'm writing from my other blog.
I enjoyed getting caught up here tonight. We're still on the same page!

J_G said...

Hi ya Tom, nice to hear from you. Funny how busy we get so busy with our lives but still maintain our steadfast beliefs.I'll stop on over your political blog and have a read. I've stopped over at Patterns from time to time and I always admire the stories and the way you write them.