Monday, July 06, 2009

Dr Obama's Magical Elixir

I'm putting this one up again because apparently not everyone got the message. Dr Obama's Magical Elixir is going right along in it's plan. Apparently, according to "Vinegar Joe" Biden, the economy was much worse then they predicted and more measures are going to have to be instituted. Without blinking an eye I'll tell you what those measures will be; raising taxes on the middle class which are very people they say they are trying to protect. Making a new VAT (Value added Tax) which is nothing more than a national sales tax. Cutting benefits to Social Security recipients and reducing the amount Medicare pays to doctors and hospitals and cutting the services covered.

Another part of the Magical Elixir plan is the take over of your health care. It will be set up so your health care will be doled out by a government agency and they will be able to tell the doctor which medications and treatments they will be allowed to administer to you. Seniors will now be a target because they use medical benefits more than any other group. Go to Canada, Great Britain or France and see if you get a hip replacement when your 75 years old. Not going to happen.

That is exactly the way the plan has always been conducted and the plan is as predictable as the sun shining on the east coast the first thing every morning. There is nothing new in his plan and there is no hope of retaining freedom if Dr Obama is continued to be allowed to use his freedom robbing Magical Elixir to spend us into oblivion and saddle the next generations with monumental debt, unrestrained government power and the daily interferences in our businesses and our business. Some out there believe that socialism/communism are the answers to equalizing results but the only thing it accomplishes is making two classes; the workers and the rulers.

We are not a nation to be ruled, we are a nation that demands a limited role of government by our Constitution. Am I reading this situation correctly? Now that there is a economic downturn, our Constitution needs to be torn up and a new plan installed by those that wish to rule instead of govern. I hope more people get the message this time.


RaDena said...

You're absolutely right, Jennifer. I've seen that video before. It's too bad everyone in America hasn't watched and paid attention to it!

Obama will happily spend and tax us into oblivion and be extremely proud that he's doing it. He's as transparent as the air and the people who put him in office should be berating themselves by now. I know some who actually are, but not most of them. They'll get what they deserve but the problem is, they take the rest of us with them.

America is in really deep doo-doo!

Mike's America said...

Time is running out for Obama's plan for a socialist takeover. New polling trends show that people are wising up.

The big question is: will the economy get better on it's own and save his butt?

SusieQ said...

You're correct about their plan. But I think Mike may be right about the shift in the thinking of the American people and how that will work against their plan. Goodness I hope so anyway.

J_G said...

People ought to afraid at this point. The democrats are talking about another round of stimulus that will be like throwing good money after bad. They are like gamblers at the roulette table that see the next big win is just ahead if they only double down on their already huge losses.

Many may think that I am nothing more than conspiracy believer but I see the democrats doing this on purpose as it is planned out. Things are going just like a plan would go. The first part was to get everyone used to the idea of huge debts and then saying it wasn't enough we'll have to double the investment. Then when that doesn't work they have have to raise taxes and start taking private businesses to keep them afloat and all of the sudden the government run by the democrats now control most of the private sector.

They will say it's now an economic emergency. That was FDR's plan but he never got to fulfill that because of that pesky Supreme Court and then WW II. This is next attempt at that plan.

I don't know where I put that document about what Obama's mommy taught him and got going in his head. It's somewhere in this computer but she was a devoted socialist and believed in an all powerful state run by a few elites and a huge bureaucracy, the socialist utopia. Obama built upon that learning from the likes of Rev Wright and Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorne.

It's no joke and it seems so impossible to the average person that doesn't pay attention closely but it's happening right in front of our eyes. This President and his party are trying to make us a socialist nation that they rule for our own good. That has always been their plan from the start and if anyone would read the words written by Obama, his mommy and his mentors you would understand what I'm saying to be the truth.

The leftist press is running interference for these nefarious plans by running all day reports of the death of Michael Jackson or gives misinformation or no information to public about what the Congress is voting on. Heck, only a few in the leadership of Congress know what's being voted on because no one has had any time to read the bills that have been voted on. If that isn't a recipe for a disaster for freedom I don't know what is.

My good friends above know this already but I write now so others will come to understand.

Mike's America said...

It's no secret that Obama was surrounded by socialists, even communists, his entire life.

How could he be anything else?