Saturday, August 15, 2009

Brazen Obama lies Right to Your Face

So Obama and the democrats say "this is not about a government takeover of the US Health Care system and the elimination of private insurance". Well, Obama and the democrats are lying right to your face. Obama and the democrats have no interest in listening to your opinions, all Obama and the democrats would like to do is have complete government control over the way you get health care and more, much more!

Obama has already taken control over a majority of the US Banking system and he has taken control over the two of the US car manufacturers. Obama ordered one to be sold off to Fiat against the wishes of Fiat stock holders and many in the industry. Obama took over General Motors and fired the CEO who was already in the process of turning the company around. Obama and democrats are going for the socialist brass ring and are trying to pass as much legislation through as they can before the American people wake up and see they have just lost their freedoms.

Oh sure, it's easy for them to say that their health care reform isn't about a government takeover, they have a lapdog press and their skewed reporting to refute such charges. The democrats have been telling us for all these years they would do exactly what they are doing now given the chance. Obama and the democrats believe they know what's best for all of us and you will see them fight as hard as they can to make that crucial leap to takeover health care because it is the single most powerful weapon they can accumulate to control every aspect of your life. Obama stands at the podium and lies directly at your face when he says "that his plan is not a government takeover of the health care system". Watch this and tell me any different.


RaDena said...

Jennifer, you're absolutely correct! Anyone who believes anything that comes from Obama's lying mouth can't be dealing with a full deck or they actually want socialism - which is pretty much the same thing. Those who want socialism certainly can't be dealing with a full deck either!

J_G said...

RaDena, Obama won't tell the public what he believes or the truth about his health care plan. That's why he stutters when he speaks, he has to remember all the lies he has told and to not give away what he is really thinking..

There are plenty of his followers that want complete government control over every aspect of our lives. That is a major constituency grooup for Obama.

I keep hearing a commercial on the radio that says Obama signed a bill protecting us from credit card companies but if this government takeover of the health care systems goes through there will be no protections against Obama and the government.

Mike's America said...

Either Obama was lying about support for a single payer then or he is lying about it now.

One thing we know for sure is that he's a LIAR!

J_G said...

...One thing we know for sure is that he's a LIAR!

There's no question about that Mike. Obama has a whole bunch of liabilities counting on the American people buying into his lies.

SusieQ said...

I hope this health bill crafted in the House ends up on the garbage heap where it belongs.

J_G said...

Me too Susie, me too. The arrogant Obama came into office thinking he was going to turn us into a European style socialist utopia and instead kicked a hornets nest. Even though the leftist press is using every trick they know to deceive the American people it's not working.