Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Clinton Goes Off the Rails

PRR-GG1 4871 at Frazer, PA - 1960

The pressure is getting to the democrats; they seem to be on the defensive quite a bit lately. Today while Hillary Clinton was in Africa on a tour as the Secretary of State, she took some questions from students. One student asked her a question through an interpreter and the train wreck that is Hillary Clinton began. Clinton and most of her democrat colleagues are so self-absorbed they can no longer tell what reality is. As an example; recently US Senator Barbra Boxer from (d) California angrily dressed down a US Army General for calling her Ma'am instead of Senator at a recent Senate hearing on Afghanistan. Boxer exclaimed indignantly to the Army General "I worked hard to get this position, call me Senator". Arrogance just drips from the way Boxer talks down to others, even Army Generals whom are people that actually did work hard to get where they are.

Hillary Clinton is still steaming that the election was stolen from her by upstart Obama and she just hasn't gotten over it yet. Yes, folks these are the people that won the election and it hasn't taken as much time as I thought it would for them to show their true colors. Imagine a diplomat, and not just any diplomat but the US Secretary of State the highest ranking US diplomat snapping at some African college student for asking a simple question. It's going to be a long three and half years for the American people.


Tom said...

Actually, she's mad for two reasons:

1) Not being President.

2) She is constantly in the shadow of Bill, which was highlighted by Bill's trip to North Korea to free the journalists. That was her job, not Bill's.

J_G said...

Tom, thanks for stopping by. Clinton's snapping out on this poor African man was like fingernails on a chalkboard. The woman just can't get over how she plays second fiddle to a philanderer and is sent by a lowly community oraganizer to do his bidding in places where he wouldn't go himself.

RaDena said...

JG, if I had to play second fiddle to a philandereer and was having to do the bidding of a lowly community organizer I wouldn't be a happy camper either. LOL! But she really shouldn't take it out on that poor man. It isn't his fault she's toast! :)

RaDena said...

Not really important, but someone really should tell her she looks terrible in that color!

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


It's better than her yellow pantsuit.

Unbelievable comment regarding 2000 Florida election, from her! Just stupid, stupid....