Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't Stop Now!!!

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Now is not the time to let up on the pressure to sink the government takeover of our health care. Obama has signaled that he would opt for a co-op type of public option similar to the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac style GSE (government sponsored entity). This is nothing more than a back door approach to a government takeover. Not only is a Fannie Mae style option unacceptable but it is another recipe for financial disaster except now it will be our health care that will be threatened by such a huge mistake. Remember how the financial disaster we are currently experiencing was started at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Now the leftists want to give us the same type of disaster for our health care? How nice of the congressional leftists and Obama to be thinking of us. We should all be thanking them instead of fighting them shouldn't we?

The leftists in Congress that call themselves the "Progressives" are in a tizzy that Obama has stepped back from a full frontal takeover. The extreme leftist Progressives want a complete takeover in the form of a single payer system run by the federal government as soon as they are able to pass that legislation and the public be damned. They have said so repeatedly and make no apologies for it and that's why they have expressed such anger with Obama. They want government run health care NOW!!!

Obama sees his numbers dropping and his handlers David Axlerod and Raum Emmanuel see they must try and slow down the process in light of the overwhelming opposition. The handlers see they must find ways to obfuscate and fool the public into thinking they are not trying for a government takeover when that is their very plan and has been all along. Listen to them, they tell you that is the plan, it's their minions in the leftist press that they use to try and fool everyone.

Now is the time to keep up the pressure on your representatives to go back to the drawing board and come up with sensible solutions to health care reform. The government option is out of the question and they have to be forced to understand that. They can change some of the insurance laws to open competition to the 1300 insurance companies that now exist. They can do a lot of things to improve and build upon a free market system that will lead to a better system for all. It is after all the government that has interfered with the free market that has caused so many of the problems that exist just as it is with the housing, financial and auto markets. To let the government run our health care and let them determine who will and won't get which treatments is a disaster waiting to happen.

The reform must contain provisions that has reform for the tort system that diverts too much precious money to a small group of lawyers in the name of malpractice law suits. The money doctors, nurses and hospitals have to spend on insurance to protect themselves from greedy underhanded lawyers could be used to help insure and care for those that currently do not have access to health care. This is going to be difficult because after all, most of the people that are sent to the US Congress to represent us are lawyers. The current proposed legislation from the US House and the US Senate have no tort reform provisions at all, none! Does that surprise you? It should be no surprise that lawyers are the most self serving groups in the US Congress, the laws they make are designed to profit them in some way shape or form.

Also, among those that expect to gain assistance to health care must be legal citizens and be able to prove it. Just as the democrats have demanded of their constituents to see a picture ID to get into their Town Hall Meetings to discuss health care reform, those that expect others to pay for their health care must be legal US citizens and be able to prove it. These are some of the major issues you must express to your representatives when you speak with them.

Obama and his democrat leftists in the Congress are not going to let up trying to takeover as much of your life and the US economy as they can get away with. You must be just as fervent in protecting your freedoms.


RaDena said...

Excellent post, hon! This administration makes me feel like were being run by the Mafia!

They do indeed try to fool the people. Calling the Health Care Bill the "Public Option" is just another way they are trying to fool the people. As I said on today's post, it should be referred to as a "Government Mandate" because if they take over our health care that's exactly what it will become.

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SusieQ said...

I am absolutely stunned by what has been going on these past few months. Mainstream senior citizens, who are expressing their concerns about the Dems' health care proposals, are being portrayed by the Left as a bunch of crazies. They are mocked, derided and ridiculued by the Left. I am a senior. I am very concerned with the direction some would like to take our country.

J_G said...

RaDena, I'm pretty upset that Obama would act like charlatan and try to use churches to pass his government takeover of health care. There is no question that his plan is the complete takover but he is running into stiff resistance from real American that love freedom.

Thanks for stopping by Lib Basher. I already like the purpose of your blogger handle.

Susie, check your email.

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