Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Say No (loudly) to Government Run Health Care

Crew of USS Constitution defeating the H.M.S Guerriere August 19th 1812

OK folks, just as the crew of the USS Constitution defeated the H.M.S Guerriere in August of 1812 it's now time for all of us to man the 24 pounders and sink the proposed government takeover of our health care as proposed by Obama and the democrats. You need to make up your signs and go to the town hall meetings to let your representatives know you don't want this bad medicine that Obama and the democrats are proposing. You have to call their offices, send them letters and show up at any place that your Congressional representatives and Senators are going to be. This is s fight for your freedom and your children's freedom. If Obama and the democrats get control over your health care and your digitalized medical records your freedoms will be a thing of the past. When you get older and are in need of essential care to extend your life they will be able to deny that care because you will become too expensive to keep alive. They will be able to deny you treatment and doctor care for whatever reason they want and there will be no appeal. Not only that, they will be in control of your records and given the recent debacles such as "Cash for Clunkers" do you really want these people to be able to manage your health and your documentation on the internet. Oh geez, now I'm really angry!!!!

Remember when Obama said if you're in pain take a pain killer and don't worry about the hip replacement. Words have meaning and occasionally Obama does let the truth about his plans slip threw his clammy facade.

If anyone needs to know where their Congressional representatives are going to be over the August break there is a link to the US Congress over on my sidebar and it will take you to your representatives web site and there you will find their schedule. My Father used to always say that I ate like the Russians were in Camden. Now I'm saying to you fight for freedom like the Bolsheviks are in Washington because they are.

Any questions?


RaDena said...

People seem to be waking up - at least on this so-called "health care" issue, hon. Town hall meetings are getting downright oogly! LOL! Must be a surprise to Arlen Specter that his bs isn't being greeted by people rolling out the red carpet.

Watch this video. It must have been a shock! LOL!

J_G said...

RaDena, I saw that video over at Mike's. Pennsy people are about fed up with that self important jerk Arlen Fencesitter. He's been gaming the system for too many years and it's going to stop. He'll be defeated this next round but it's hard to say whether it'll be the democrats in the primaries or us conservatives itching for some well deserved payback in the general election.

It's going to be fight down to the wire against socialized health care. Seniors have to know they'll be Obama's first target once he's in control of the health care rationing.

Keep up the good fight, we can win this to retain our freedom.

bluepitbull said...

Like the blog. How do we follow if you don't have the follow thingy up?

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

The videos of townhall meetings are quite amusing; even as the Democrat leaders remain out of touch and attempting to paint the ones showing up as "fringe mobs" and right-wing nuts.

J_G said...

Bluepitbull, thanks for stopping by. You just have to bookmark my blog and check back once in a while. My template won't let me do the follow thing. This is an old blog that's been around since 2004. I lost my whole blog during the blogger beta debacle in 2006 and had to start over. I'm leaving my template alone because it suits me just fine for now. You'll see me around at the different conservative blogs but stop in and say hello when you feel like it. You're always welcome.

Word, it's a hoot to have the leftists squawk about town meetings and organized mayhem. Remember all those pictures that me, Skye and Marie took at the anti war protests down in DC.I almost got arrested for making some commie haul down his hammer and sickle in front of the US Capitol. Remember all the code pink morons at congressional hearings. Ha-ha it's too bad if they don't like it. They're losing badly now because they overplayed their hand by going the full socialism route and everyone hates it. Now they're squawking and now I'm laughing at them and we're going to make them pay and pay and pay.

TheBitterAmerican said...

People in Lebanon, PA listened to you today!

J_G said...

Amen to that Trek. Grizzly Momma and City Troll live near there and I'm sure they were there to have their say, God bless them.

Anonymous said...

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