Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jimmy Carter; American Jackass

American Jack Ass_Jimmah Carter

This morning I read all about former president Jimmy Carter's recent remarks. Carter called people that disagree with Barack Obama and his policies nothing more than racists. That type of speech coming from the "American Jackass" is nothing new. It is the last bastion of scoundrels like Carter to reduce the conversation to calling people racists. Carter has no useful argument on why the American public strongly disagree with Barack Obama and his poorly thought out policies so he calls them racists in order to justify his own myopic vision of the American people and the wrong headed policies of the leftists now occupying the White House.

Unfortunately the American Jackass was the Commander in Chief when I served in the US Navy. The complete ineptitude of the American Jackass is history now but I still love my country and the US Navy in spite of Carter's almost criminal lack of leadership and common sense. It appears that the same type of lack of leadership is developing under Barack Obama which should be of no surprise to anyone. No Jackass, not because Obama is black but because Obama has no leadership abilities and he has no military or executive experience. It also true that Obama has a different outlook on America that was taught to him by his lunatic fringe Mother and the other leftist fringe elements that Obama has chosen to surround himself with.

So Mr Carter,you are wrong again about the American people. They don't want an overbearing government shoved down their throats. They don't want to pay huge burdensome taxes, they don't want their children to have to pay an endless drowning debt to foreign competitor nations and most of all jackass, the vast majority of Americans that think that way are not racists. That's why Jimmy Carter, the American Jackass was a one term president that the majority of Americans were glad to see go. Now if we could only stop this jackass from further insulting with his drivel by telling him to just shut up.

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11/2001, A Day to Remember

Today we remember those that died willingly and unwillingly on September 11th 2001. We must never forget the cause of this planned attack was radical Islam. It was radical Islamists that flew the planes into the Twin Towers in New York killing more than three thousand. It was radical Islamists that flew the plane into the Pentagon killing almost 200 people. It was radical Islamists that flew the flight 93 into the ground in a field in western Pennsylvania on their way to fly the plane into the Capitol building or White House.

We must also remember the people that died trying to save others in those burning buildings in New York. The bravery of those that were willing to risk their lives to save others is still very breathtaking and awe inspiring to this writer. These attacks have also inspired many young men and women to join the military to fight radical Islam wherever they are. I commend those brave young men and women even as they are scorned by certain allies of the current administration.

Today on September 11th 2009 the world is a different place. We have an administration that has apologized to our enemies and made us weak with talk of compromise for our security. Let us not fail in our duties as Americans to remember what it takes to keep this nation secure which is through strength and vigilance. I pray that we will not suffer another attack on our country but I also pray that Americans come to their senses and reject the weakness and compromise that this administration brings.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama's Awful Speech

The Desperate Man_Gustav Courbet

I've been away on vacation for most of the week. I did happen to see the awful speech Obama made while  standing in front of senile Aunt Nancy and vinegar Joe Biden. The speech Obama made was one of his typical teleprompter inspired speeches. There was nothing special or significant about his speech other than to repeat the same old lines he's been repeating about his health care reform proposal.

Incidentally, just where is the Obama health care reform proposal? Everything he proposed in his speech is in neither the current House or Senate bills. Those two bills make it clear in no uncertain terms that the government will be in full control of all American's health care in just a few years after the passage and signing of the bill into law. How is it Obama keeps saying his proposal isn't about the government takeover of every American's health care and that of illegal aliens too? Those things are in the current bills before the House and Senate. Has Obama even submitted his plan to Congress? The answer is no, Obama has not sent any kind of bill to Congress whatsoever that pertains to health care reform, none.

Obama can get up in front of any audience he wants with as many cameras he can fit into the room but he still hasn't proved a thing because he hasn't sent anything to Congress for them to discuss or vote on. The bills currently being talked about have been on the blocks ready to go for many years and have been tweaked slightly but they are the same government take over bills that the left has dreamed of implementing for many years.

All Obama accomplished last night was another song and dance about how much Obama cares about America's health care. Obama has done little or nothing to convince most Americans that his proposal or lack thereof is anything special. The bills before Congress now will drastically increase our national debt, ration health care because they will have to and put the power of life and death into the hands of small group of government crazy leftists that have no moral compass. Obama can deny or try and change the wording of those important facts but those facts are the part and parcel of government controlled health care.
It still amazes me how some people can still be swayed by such superficiality that Obama blurts out reading from a teleprompter. It's the same old rotten cheese in a new wrapper. I suppose that "There's none so blind as they that will not see".

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hopeless and Changeless

St George fighting the Dragon_Raphael

I took down the post about Edward Moore Kennedy because I got tired of seeing that buffoon so back to ur regularly scheduled program.

Now that we have all come to the conclusion that the current debate on health care is not about helping people or saving money it is about the government take over of the American health care system. We must do all that we can to prevent the government from taking over or liberty and freedom will be a thing of the past.

I listened to a forum yesterday held at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia that was conducted by radio talk show host Dom Giordano of WPHT 1210 in Philadelphia. Dom is a straight shooting guy so he had both democrat and Republican congressional representatives there to present their views and answer questions that were selected from people that emailed them to Dom. I heard some pretty slick answers from the democrat representatives that made it sound like they were interested in the welfare of their constituents. One particular answer from representative Chakka Fattah(d)of Philadelphia was telling. Fattah said that was no way they will pass the bill without the government option nor should they.

There you have it folks,it's all in a nutshell. The democrats have no other reason to continue on with this debate about saving money or helping anyone. This whole debate for them is a gratuitous and naked grab for power. It's time to slay the dragon of government take over of health care.