Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11/2001, A Day to Remember

Today we remember those that died willingly and unwillingly on September 11th 2001. We must never forget the cause of this planned attack was radical Islam. It was radical Islamists that flew the planes into the Twin Towers in New York killing more than three thousand. It was radical Islamists that flew the plane into the Pentagon killing almost 200 people. It was radical Islamists that flew the flight 93 into the ground in a field in western Pennsylvania on their way to fly the plane into the Capitol building or White House.

We must also remember the people that died trying to save others in those burning buildings in New York. The bravery of those that were willing to risk their lives to save others is still very breathtaking and awe inspiring to this writer. These attacks have also inspired many young men and women to join the military to fight radical Islam wherever they are. I commend those brave young men and women even as they are scorned by certain allies of the current administration.

Today on September 11th 2009 the world is a different place. We have an administration that has apologized to our enemies and made us weak with talk of compromise for our security. Let us not fail in our duties as Americans to remember what it takes to keep this nation secure which is through strength and vigilance. I pray that we will not suffer another attack on our country but I also pray that Americans come to their senses and reject the weakness and compromise that this administration brings.


Tom said...

We remember, even though some do not.

J_G said...

Thank you Tom, we will never forget!

Mike's America said...

Fox News had a one hour special on tonight recapping that awful day. The tears came back quickly as I watched. It was such a horrible event and I can't believe how eager some people are to ignore the danger that it could happen again if we let our guard down.

J_G said...

What has happened Mike, is right after 9/11 we do all we can to remember and Obama and the left have done everything they could to forget or worse, blame the wrong people.

RaDena said...

What's going on in our government now is horrible indeed. I just read on the Fox News website that this idiotic government is going to give Afghanistan detainees more rights. They attempt to take away our rights and give more rights to our enemies. This government has got to be changed, and there is hope. At last the American rank and file people are beginning to wake up and protest what's going on. If we do suffer another horrible replay of 9/11 we'll have Obama to thank for it!

J_G said...

Dena, everyday that passes that the democrats control congress and the White house is another day for them to apply more and more of a stranglehold on the freedom of Americans. The seek to control every aspect of our lives and the old adage of them wanting to control everything from cradle to grave is becoming more of a reality.

I was given heart though seeing all the patriots showing up in Washington DC on Saturday. The Obamians on the government controlled media may be pooh-poohing the number of people that aren't going to sit idly by but behind closed doors they have to be in crisis mode. If they aren't they ought to be because we're not going stop and we're growing quickly.

To that I say God bless America and the patriots I know and love that I have met along the way.