Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hopeless and Changeless

St George fighting the Dragon_Raphael

I took down the post about Edward Moore Kennedy because I got tired of seeing that buffoon so back to ur regularly scheduled program.

Now that we have all come to the conclusion that the current debate on health care is not about helping people or saving money it is about the government take over of the American health care system. We must do all that we can to prevent the government from taking over or liberty and freedom will be a thing of the past.

I listened to a forum yesterday held at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia that was conducted by radio talk show host Dom Giordano of WPHT 1210 in Philadelphia. Dom is a straight shooting guy so he had both democrat and Republican congressional representatives there to present their views and answer questions that were selected from people that emailed them to Dom. I heard some pretty slick answers from the democrat representatives that made it sound like they were interested in the welfare of their constituents. One particular answer from representative Chakka Fattah(d)of Philadelphia was telling. Fattah said that was no way they will pass the bill without the government option nor should they.

There you have it folks,it's all in a nutshell. The democrats have no other reason to continue on with this debate about saving money or helping anyone. This whole debate for them is a gratuitous and naked grab for power. It's time to slay the dragon of government take over of health care.


RaDena said...

Hon, it's time to "slay the dragon" that is this present administration, period. Actually, the real dragon is George Sorros, who is running the entire show. Obama is only a figurehead... sort of like the King and Queen of England.

I realize some would say I'm nuts. So be it. :)

J_G said...

You're not nuts Dena. Anyone that is up on things knows Obama's beleifs are one in the same as George Soros and Soros provides the cash.

Mike's America said...

They are just going to set up the government takeover by the back door.

There is not one progressive leftist member of congress who won't get re-elected because he voted for a bill without a government run option. But there are lots of blue dogs who may get booted out if they do vote for the government takeover.

And all those lefty progressive congressmen who are chairmen of committees know they could lose their power if they push this too far.

Sadly, there are RINOS like Olympia Snowe who will knowingly vote for a bill which leads to the government option by stealth.

P.S. I always like Raphael.

shoprat said...

My gut feeling is the Obama is going to lose everything but it's going to get ugly as he goes down.