Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama's Awful Speech

The Desperate Man_Gustav Courbet

I've been away on vacation for most of the week. I did happen to see the awful speech Obama made while  standing in front of senile Aunt Nancy and vinegar Joe Biden. The speech Obama made was one of his typical teleprompter inspired speeches. There was nothing special or significant about his speech other than to repeat the same old lines he's been repeating about his health care reform proposal.

Incidentally, just where is the Obama health care reform proposal? Everything he proposed in his speech is in neither the current House or Senate bills. Those two bills make it clear in no uncertain terms that the government will be in full control of all American's health care in just a few years after the passage and signing of the bill into law. How is it Obama keeps saying his proposal isn't about the government takeover of every American's health care and that of illegal aliens too? Those things are in the current bills before the House and Senate. Has Obama even submitted his plan to Congress? The answer is no, Obama has not sent any kind of bill to Congress whatsoever that pertains to health care reform, none.

Obama can get up in front of any audience he wants with as many cameras he can fit into the room but he still hasn't proved a thing because he hasn't sent anything to Congress for them to discuss or vote on. The bills currently being talked about have been on the blocks ready to go for many years and have been tweaked slightly but they are the same government take over bills that the left has dreamed of implementing for many years.

All Obama accomplished last night was another song and dance about how much Obama cares about America's health care. Obama has done little or nothing to convince most Americans that his proposal or lack thereof is anything special. The bills before Congress now will drastically increase our national debt, ration health care because they will have to and put the power of life and death into the hands of small group of government crazy leftists that have no moral compass. Obama can deny or try and change the wording of those important facts but those facts are the part and parcel of government controlled health care.
It still amazes me how some people can still be swayed by such superficiality that Obama blurts out reading from a teleprompter. It's the same old rotten cheese in a new wrapper. I suppose that "There's none so blind as they that will not see".


Mike's America said...

I got so fed up with the partisan nasty tone of Obama's speech I had to keep flicking the channel. Every time I turned back to him with that arrogant ass attitude of his I got madder and flicked the remote again.

J_G said...

I was down at the New Jersey shore watching the speech Mike. I felt that this was his last try at the government take over of health care and he has failed. His speech didn't cut it even with trying to distract people with the rude guy. It is rude for the chamber to stand to cheer or boo and no one should be interrupted during a speech, even if it is full of lies and misinformation. The time for rebuttal will come.

RaDena said...

Hon, while Americans held tea parties all over this country and about 2 million of them marched on Washington, DC, Obama left Washington and made yet another "awful" speech pushing his crapola health care plan in Minnesota! All of his speeches are awful.