Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas

To all my friends and associates I wish you all a Merry Christmas


SusieQ said...

Hi Jenni, I MISS you. How did your Thanksgiving dinner go? What dishes did you serve your group? I am interested in your menu selection I think because last night I watched the movie "Julie and Julia." If you haven't seen it already, I hope you do. It is a delightful movie, but it will make you hungry and you might gain a few pounds just watching it.

I came close to relying on you once again for help with my music gadget at my blog. I went to change the song selection and I ran into all sorts of problems. I finally was able to fix it on my own, but I can't tell you how I did it. Stop by my blog and leave me a comment. I haven't had one in soooooooo long. I think all my readers have left. Of course, I haven't posted much and haven't left many comments at others' blogs.

Oh, Language Guy is back in the blogging business after a long dry spell. Between me and Lusty Tart (remember her?) we managed to motivate him enough so that he started posting stuff again. I think he had decided he was getting too old to have anything of worth to say. I told him to stop that and to think of himself as ageless. That is what I try to do. Sometimes it is hard when you have these little age-related aches and pains to remind you.

I see you are active at Mike's America. I go there every day to see what he has to say.

Merry Christmas, Jenni. Stay in touch. Love, Susie

J_G said...

Thanks for stopping by Susie, Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Probably the biggest problem I have about posting anything is the time it takes for blogging.I have so many other interests and blogging had become more of a burden than anything else. I like staying in touch with the friends I have made like you, Mike, Marie and many others but there are so many things I need to do and it's hard for me to sit still long enough to post anything.

The other thing is negativity. There is only negative things to post about while the socialists run our country into the ground. The overspending, the takeover of our health care system by the government, the daily lies and misrepresentations by a dishonest administration and press. It's downright depressing.

I comment over at Mike's because Mike keeps up with things and I really don't want to be completely out of the loop. Some of my comments are rather angry but most Americans feel the same way, the government is too big, spends too much money and is too much a part of our everyday life.

I did have a nice Thanksgiving though. I made dinner for eight, a 22lb turkey and gravy, sweet yams, fresh cranberry sauce, corn (frozen) and my friend Gina made cornbread muffins and stuffing while another friend brought dessert from her College's culinary class, apple and pumpkin pies.

Mike's America said...

You're making me hungry!

Susie, you should join in the comments. I get a little lonely sometimes with only that liberal parrot Pragpro around.

Merry Christmas all!

Grizzly Mama said...

I hope that you had a Merry Christmas, Jennifer! Your dinner sounds wonderful - we deep fried our turkey this year and had the inlaws over for the first time ever.

I find that I am overwhelmed sometimes with all of the crap going on with these crazy leftist bastards in Wash DC. Sometimes I just can't deal with it, and I get tired of being outraged. Y'know?

Mike's is a must read every day. I'm not sure how he does it without becoming completely drained. LOL.

J_G said...

Monica, I'm glad you and your family had a nice Christmas. Living far away from the city does a lot to change your attitude doesn't it?

Same with me, I can only take so much and then I have to tune out. I tried to not let the communist takeover spoil my Christmas with friends but it's hard to ignore when people are trying to steal our freedom's away and turn us all into socialist citizens dependent upon an all encompassing government bureaucracy.

We'll make it through this but it's going to be a tough fight just like founders said it would be when tyrants try to rule.