Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Conservative Ideals Win in Massachusetts

Samuel Adams by John Singleton Copley
American Patriot and founding father of American republicanism from the Great State of Massachusetts

Congratulations go out to Scott Brown for winning the US Senate seat for the State of Massachusetts. This seat has been occupied by the Kennedy syndicate for over half a century and is now been taken by a man espousing conservative American ideals. The Democrats pulled out all the stops to keep this Senate seat and now it has become a sore and puffy shiner for them. Most of all it is a repudiation of the Obama disaster that has befallen this nation.

Having Massachusetts overwhelmingly vote for a man that embraces conservative ideals over a Democrat that would be little more than a rubber stamp for the onslaught of Obama's socialist agenda has inspired this writer. This victory has brought back some faith that there are still people that understand freedom and liberty.

Congratulations to the voters of Massachusetts too. We wish Scott Brown Godspeed to help unshackle your once great state and bastion of liberty from the all encompassing government tyranny that has become so comfortable to so many in your state. We wish him all the power and wisdom he will need to help return this nation back to the parameters laid down in the Constitution that our forefathers laid out for us.



Pride of the days in prime of the months
Now trebled in great renown,
When before the ark of our holy cause
Fell Dagon down-
Dagon foredoomed, who, armed and targed,
Never his impious heart enlarged
Beyond that hour; God walled his power,
And there the last invader charged.

He charged, and in that charge condensed
His all of hate and all of fire;
He sought to blast us in his scorn,
And wither us in his ire.
Before him went the shriek of shells-
Aerial screamings, taunts and yells;
Then the three waves in flashed advance
Surged, but were met, and back they set:
Pride was repelled by sterner pride,
And Right is a strong-hold yet.

Before our lines it seemed a beach
Which wild September gales have strown
With havoc on wreck, and dashed therewith
Pale crews unknown-
Men, arms, and steeds. The evening sun
Died on the face of each lifeless one,
And died along the winding marge of fight
And searching-parties lone.

Sloped on the hill the mounds were green,
Our centre held that place of graves,
And some still hold it in their swoon,
And over these a glory waves.
The warrior-monument, crashed in fight,
Shall soar transfigured in loftier light,
A meaning ampler bear;
Soldier and priest with hymn and prayer
Have laid the stone, and every bone
Shall rest in honor there.

Herman Melville


Marie's Two Cents said...

Who would have thunk there were so many Bible Thumping, Gun Toting, Pick Up Truck Driving, Rednecks in Mass.?

Tee Hee :-)

J_G said...

Marie,I am truly amazed at the turnout of people that agree with Scott Brown's conservative message in Massachusetts. We were always told that Massachusetts was a solidly liberal state. Maybe all they needed was a conservative to come and vote for.

Are you listening Republican party?

SusieQ said...

Scott Brown is a breath of fresh air sweeping over Washington. He's the man. I look forward to watching him evolve.

TheBitterAmerican said...

New Jersey was "dissatisfaction with Corzine." Virgina was "off-year flip-flopping."

WTF was Massachusetts?

Can you hear us now, Obama?

BTW, I take mine with two sugars and a wedge of lemon. ;-)

J_G said...

Can anyone believe the audacity of the Obama regime? They are trying to explain away the conservative win in Mass. as liberal dissatisfaction. I think they ought to keep thinking that way and keep moving to the left. We have effectively killed socialist health care for now but that won't stop them from keep trying. The only way to stop socialism is to defeat it and educate the children on the evils of socialism.

Trek, I like my Orange Pekoe tea, thank you.

patterns of ink said...

It's been ages. My laptop that had all my "favorites" bookmarked was broken for a year.

I'm a grandpa!

I do my political commentary at

Mike's America said...

Scott Brown will be seated Thursday, Feb. 4th.

Keep that in mind next time a Dem wins a special eleciton and is rushed to the Capitol to take their seat the next day.

If Brown had been seated earlier, the Dems would not have been able to pass their $2 trillion increase in the national debt.

But then, at the rate they are spending there will be another vote to increase the debt again very soon.