Sunday, January 17, 2010

On the Eve of Defeat of Tyranny

On this eve of the defeat of the tyrannical government of Barack Obama we have a message for all those that love and respect freedom. Time for real change has come. Barack Obama and his party have become a threat to the American people and our freedom. Tuesday in Massachusetts in the special election for US Senate the next battle will take place. It looks better today than last week for Scott Brown to win against the freedom usurping ally of Barack Obama, Martha Coakly. Pray hard that Brown wins. This victory will be good to build upon to continue to defeat tyranny at the polls this coming November. I'm not so sure freedom can win in Massachusetts though, they have been conditioned for a long time to bend to the will of all encompassing government or "Nanny State" if you will, but there is a chance freedom can win there. Regardless of Tuesday's outcome November is coming and freedom loving Americans are coming out to take the country back and if the next set of politicians won't bend to the will of freedom loving citizens we'll put them out too. Maybe we can celebrate with another Boston Tea Party and move back to freedom and liberty as opposed to government control of every aspect of our lives.


SusieQ said...

It is pitiful what the Obama admin and the Left in Congress are doing to our country. They are determined to run this country into the ground and then take control of everything. I hope we can defeat them in the end. I am so sick of this.

Well written post, Jenni.

Mike's America said...

They are pouring out every lie they can against Brown. A flier insisting he wanted to pass a law turning away rape victims from the Emergency Room was the latest:

But Brown is going even higher in the latest polls:

The big question is: Will Independents turn out? They are going to Brown by at least 2 to 1 and are the largest voting bloc in the state but are notoriously unreliable when it comes to voting.

Marie's Two Cents said...

Yes! Yes! 2010 is our year. Starting tomorrow :-)

Why do I want to call that woman Martha Moxley?

J_G said...

Thanks Susie, now it's time for everyone to get fired up.

We'll see what happens Tuesday Mike. I think the leftists have a bad feeling about this.

Marie, Martha Moxley was the young girl that was murdered by one of the Kennedys and it was covered up by them for years. Mark Furman investigated the murder and uncovered the eveidence of the murder and the coverup.

Nice to hear from all of you.