Monday, March 15, 2010

A Message to the Socialists

The American people have had enough government intrusion into our lives. This is a message to you statist/socialists; The American people will not sit idly by to have our liberty stolen from us with the misused words of "hope and change".

Monday, March 01, 2010

Generation Zero

Once in a while a documentary about real facts with real people with real questions and answers comes along that changes everything. The documentary is called "Generation Zero" and it takes aim at my generation, the "Baby Boomers". The production goes on to say all the things that I have been saying about my own generation for many years. Baby boomers are spoiled brats that have to have everything now. They have no patience for politicians that don't grant them every so called "free" benefit and entitlement that comes along. They look at the government as the all encompassing nanny state that is there to care of everything for them. This is not what I was taught by my average middle class parents that lived through the great depression and my Father who fought in the Pacific during WWII.

The documentary also shows how the leaders of this generation of sucklings have failed us every step of the way but not being mature enough to just say "no, this is not the American and responsible way". Our current leadership in the White house and Congress are spending us into oblivion with all their plans of new government programs. They are borrowing money from countries that mean to do us harm by holding our debt and forcing their will on our country. Our great corporations that supplied us with manufacturing jobs that made us a strong nation have abandon us for the easy buck of manufacturing in China and selling us those cheaply made, poor quality goods making us reliant and used to shoddy workmanship with no recourse.

Folks, it's time to change things around. The time has come when the few Baby Boomers that are in tune to our peril and the younger generations must band together and stop this great fall into the abyss of history. We must change things. We have got to force the irresponsible leaders to stop the out of control spending. We cannot afford this debacle they call "Obamacare" and we have got to stop them from borrowing more money from the Chinese and Russians. You've got to do it, you've got to do it now. Watch "Generation Zero' when it's released later this month, it's time to get things done!