Monday, March 01, 2010

Generation Zero

Once in a while a documentary about real facts with real people with real questions and answers comes along that changes everything. The documentary is called "Generation Zero" and it takes aim at my generation, the "Baby Boomers". The production goes on to say all the things that I have been saying about my own generation for many years. Baby boomers are spoiled brats that have to have everything now. They have no patience for politicians that don't grant them every so called "free" benefit and entitlement that comes along. They look at the government as the all encompassing nanny state that is there to care of everything for them. This is not what I was taught by my average middle class parents that lived through the great depression and my Father who fought in the Pacific during WWII.

The documentary also shows how the leaders of this generation of sucklings have failed us every step of the way but not being mature enough to just say "no, this is not the American and responsible way". Our current leadership in the White house and Congress are spending us into oblivion with all their plans of new government programs. They are borrowing money from countries that mean to do us harm by holding our debt and forcing their will on our country. Our great corporations that supplied us with manufacturing jobs that made us a strong nation have abandon us for the easy buck of manufacturing in China and selling us those cheaply made, poor quality goods making us reliant and used to shoddy workmanship with no recourse.

Folks, it's time to change things around. The time has come when the few Baby Boomers that are in tune to our peril and the younger generations must band together and stop this great fall into the abyss of history. We must change things. We have got to force the irresponsible leaders to stop the out of control spending. We cannot afford this debacle they call "Obamacare" and we have got to stop them from borrowing more money from the Chinese and Russians. You've got to do it, you've got to do it now. Watch "Generation Zero' when it's released later this month, it's time to get things done!


J_G said...

I've always associated the 60's generation as the hippies and the anti war protesters and the 70's generation as the disco/cocaine generation.

I look at the 60's generation as a bunch of idealistic commie bastards wanting to control every aspect of our lives with overbearing government, a behavior they learned during the antiwar protests carrying Mao's "Red Treasured Book" and associating with communist sympathizer intelligentsia and the like.

I see The 70's generation as being much less idealistic and more of an "entitlement generation". They want politicians to fix things so they don't have to become involved. They are just too busy to deal trivial things such as freedom, liberty, honor, dignity and responsibility and will vote for anyone that promises to take care of it for them.

I see both sub-generations as being the primary reason why we end up with with politicians like Obama who cynically promised them "Hope and Change" but all along understanding that he saddle us with soaring unsustainable debt and government control of every aspect of our lives. That is the change he planned for and hoped these generation we speak of would follow along in their pattern of idealism and non-participation, respectively.

Of course I have generalized about an entire group of people and believe me i have met plenty of people from both sub-generations that don't fit into those generalizations and are stand up Americans that believe in fiscal responsibility, freedom, liberty and honor. Those people have my utmost respect and I hope we are strong enough and numerous enough to overcome those other people have attempted to erase all those things from the history of our fine country.

SusieQ said...

I saw the makers of this film interviewed on TV. I didn't watch the entire interview, but enough of it to cause me to decide that they are being too simplistic. It is far more complicated than what they make it out to be.

I think we have arrived at the state we are in today for a multitude of reasons that worked together to produce what we now have. I think that it began long before post WWII. I believe these causes have been invisible to us and probably remain so.

But regardless of how it all came about, we need to get a grip as a country, as a people, and cultivate in ourselves the virtues we will need in order to get out of this mess. You have mentioned a few of them. I'll add to the list: self-discipline; compassion; responsibility; courage; honesty; loyalty; faith; perseverance.

William Bennett's The Book of Virtues should be required reading for every young person and everyone else as well.

J_G said...

Oops, in my hurry this morning I deleted the wrong comment and kept my first version of my reply comment to an anonymous commenter

J_G said...

I saw the same interview Susie. They did sound a bit simplistic in the interview but they only had a limited amount of time to express what the documentary is all about.

One of the things expressed though is a fact that cannot be denied. We must have a solid manufacturing base in order to make goods we can rely on for jobs, quality products and our own security as a nation ready to go to war at anytime. All this Chinese importing and shipping our jobs to China isn't cutting it because it makes us weaker as a nation. We cannot continue down the path of "Designed in the USA, made in China", it unsustainable for our nation as a whole.

One of the ways we can overcome all these shortcomings though is going to be difficult because of the entrenched teachers and college professors. We must revamp our educational system to teach American history and American values in the way that inspires children to be productive and patriotic American citizens and understand the Constitution as it was meant. Currently they are being indoctrinated to be nothing more than wards of a nanny state and blame America first.

SusieQ said...

We have lost so many jobs to other countries. But I am not sure it is right to blame U.S. companies for going somewhere else in the world where they can cut their costs. We need to make it more appealing to companies to stay here in the U.S. Maybe we need to get rid of corporate taxes, or lower them at least.

I want to replace my everyday dishes, but I won't until I can find dishes that are made in the U.S. and appeal to me. I keep looking. I cringe every time I turn over a plate at a store and find out it was made in China. They do some beautiful work, but I want to buy American.

The unions served a good purpose at one time, but it has gotten out of hand. What is really bad about some unions is that not just anyone can join them. Case in point is the electricians union. You have to be "family" to get in. That is not right.

The judge who is a frequent guest on Fox news has written the book Lies Your Government Has Told You. Think I'll go pick up my copy this weekend.

J_G said...

Susie, the majority of Union members now are government workers.The leftist politicians like Obama use them as foot soldiers in their quest for ultimate government power over the rest of us. That's why they make it so important to keep expanding government and government employees. They need Unions to help them in the usurpation power. JFK signed it into law permitting government workers to become Unionized.

If it were just the private sector that workers were unionized like it was when my Father was a member in the 50's then there wouldn't be so much of a threat but once JFK authorized unionized government workers then that was the writing on the wall for the power struggle we see now between freedom and socialism.

The judge's name is Napolitano and he's wrong as many times as he right on many different subjects. I always take him with a grain of salt. He believes that illegals have Constitutional rights equal to ours because they are on our soil. Our Constitution was written to give the limits of power of the government toward it's CITIZENS. The only rights illegals have is to be treated humanely while being put on the next/plane/train or bus back to where they came from.

Napolitano was the one though that let out of the bag that if a public option was included on this government takeover of healthcare that illegals would have to be included and be put on the roles of those getting care just as regular citizens do.

SusieQ said...

I am not familiar with Napolitano's stand on the illegal immigrant issue and their rights.

The Constitution is subject to interpretation unfortunately. Some scholars go to the extreme though.

Napolitano said recently that our founding fathers would not recognize our government today because it has departed so much from the Constitution.

J_G said...

Napolitano said recently that our founding fathers would not recognize our government today because it has departed so much from the Constitution

The judge is right about that Susie. The founders never had in mind that the government would be the all encompassing nanny state that it has become. I think they would have opposed any kind of program that puts the government in control of your retirement money et al; Social Security, your health care et al; Medicare and now Obamacare or many of the other government entitlement programs that now threaten our entire economy.

I believe the founders would have found a way that made it possible for people to be able to take care of themselves with the government being the referee and not the active participant. The Constitution clearly marks the limits of government but those limits have been exceeded and accepted in battles fought long before you or I were born.

FDR did all he could to exceed every Constitutional limit including stacking the Supreme Court to promote his clearly un Constitutional idealistic agenda and if not for WWII we would look pretty much like what the now failed European socialist model looks like today.

WWII interrupted FDR's plan's for a socialist state but his followers kept the pressure on long after the war. Was Joe McCarthy really the bad guy we have always been told? Some of his tactics might have been called into question but his instincts about what was going on in our own Armed Forces and leadership were pretty much right on target. Socialism and communism is alive and well in the highest echelons of our government today, it has pretty much continued unabated since the day after Joe McCarthy gave up.