Thursday, January 06, 2011

New House of Representatives

Mary Stevenson Cassatt

Alright, now we have a new set of legislators in place and the Republicans hold the cards in the House. The Senate is still under "hostile to freedom" control. Obama still has his Obamacare in place and it's likely to to keep going until the Republicans can figure out how to get someone that matters elected to President. I have no false hopes that the Republicans can change things back to freedom any time soon because Obama and his leftist allies in Congress worked until the very last days of the 111th Congress to pass legislation that will take years to unwind and correct.

While talking to a few co-workers today the same theme kept coming up in the conversation. Most believe that Congress has to change the way business is done. The first thing is to design legislation in such a way that the average citizen can understand what the intent and details are in as few words as possible. No more 2000 page bills that have to be passed in order to know what's in the bill, those days are gone and better be buried. The next thing Congress has to do is stop the spending, stop the spending, did I say stop the spending? The current rate of spending is something around 60 percent of the gross domestic product and that is a recipe for disaster and even the most uneducated of my friends and co-workers can agree on that.

The other conversation centers on making this country go back to work making things. We have to bring manufacturing back to the American worker or all will be lost. A country cannot survive on pushing papers back and forth nor can it survive being a taker nation where the government pays 40 percent of it's people to not work. We must go back to being a maker nation or we will die. Why is that so damn hard to understand? History has proved it time and time again and now countries that used to be maker nations are collapsing under their own weight. Their governments are providing the people through government handouts rather than earnest work through employment of making and selling manufactured goods. Please, please dammit, use the common sense God has provided us with to understand this simple but important fact.


Skye said...

Love the Cassatt and the new look for the blog.

Well done!

Jennifer Gallagher said...

Thanks Skye, it was time to update and get a fresh start. Thanks for stopping by.